Deep Clean, De-Cluttering and One-Off Blitz Packages

Deep Clean, De-Cluttering and One-Off Blitz Packages  

If you are suffering from compulsive hoarding issues, then we can help you with our de-cluttering Deep Clean and Blitz Clean Packages.  People who are compulsive hoarders are ones who obtain a large quantity of items that they fail to use or discard in a timely fashion.

These items usually have little or no value and eventually take over the living quarters. People with this disorder go beyond just having a messy room or home. The collection of things becomes so bad that it begins to obstruct the common use of the room or rooms as they are intended to be used.

Compulsive hoarding can be quite destructive as it is known to impair mobility and interfere with your basic activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, showering etc. At Nodek, you can benefit from our Deep Clean, and De-cluttering, One Off Blitz Packages. Our company has years of experience in Deep Clean, Blitz Clean and De-cluttering processes through working with various service areas such as Mental Health Services, Adult Social Care, other Allied services and clients privately funding their packages of care. 

We can arrange an appointment at your home with one of our care coordinators to assess the tasks you need completing both inside and outside of your property with a view to setting up a one-off blitz package to return your home to a safe and habitable environment. Once the home is free from clutter, our staff will transform your home with a deep clean.

Call our office today for free consultation and advice on prices of deep clean and one-off blitz packages, which will be available upon assessment of your property. We can help you by drawing up a contract for two hours of domestic tasks on a weekly basis to maintain your home environment thereafter at an affordable price.

Call our dedicated care and support team on 02035837972; 07496688835.  Alternatively, our email address is: