Referral Form

Referrals are accepted for young people presenting with a range of multiple complex needs and challenging behaviours. At our pre-entry assessment, although, is swift, will provide us with the required information to ascertain the ability of our organisation to meet the needs of the individual young person.

At Nodek, we take great care over the admission of all young people into our care to ensure that the specific needs of each young person can be met with a view to ensuring a very smooth transition period. Therefore, our pre-entry assessment is vital to ensure that the needs of the referred young person can be met without impacting negatively on the other young people that we are already accommodating.

So, the initial referral process and subsequent assessment period requires specific information to allow the full gathering of a young person’s care file.
Dependent upon the referral status, a transition plan will be arranged or alternatively in the case of an emergency, assistance will be offered in transportation of the young person to our unit.

At Nodek, as already outlined above, we ensure the safety of all young people placed with us by adopting a robust assessment process. Part of the assessment will involve a risk assessment, this is to ensure that the admission will not affect the stability of our placement unit. Upon completion of the required assessments, once we are satisfied that we can safely admit a young person in these circumstances, we will definitely offer a placement to the young person.

All our placements are available through one simple phone call to our 24-hour Referral Helplines on 07496688835; 07375222662. On the other hand, you can send us an email on, and we will respond within minutes of receiving your email.

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