About us

At Nodek Services UK Ltd, we are a group of social care and allied professionals devoted to making a difference in supporting the young people 16+ and adults placed in our care on their transition to more independent living. We pride ourselves on being a small, niche and focused independent consultancy which has a reputation for sector experience, quality service and above all success. At Nodek Services, we offer a full range of bespoke services tailored to meet the assessed needs of our clients, therefore, making every day living a little bit easier: A response to a crisis in the home life of a client by housing them for a short time between one night and six weeks whilst efforts are made to resolve the crisis. Lodging for up to two or three years whilst they supported with either regaining or developing independent living skills.

  • We offer semi-independent living services for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) aged 16 – 17.
  • We provide accommodation and support within shared houses or sole accommodation ( Supported Living) in the East London and Essex County areas with flexible levels of support tailored to meet the varying needs of the young people 16+ and adults .
  • Our staff members are available on a 24 hour a day on-site and our senior management team are also available by phone 24 hours a day.
  • Aside from the above, we provide care and support to adults 18 years and above in their own homes.